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Christmas Card Display


Christmas Cards

As part of our annual light display, we are planning to have a display of wooden Christmas Cards painted by members of the community. These “cards” would be painted on 2’x4’ wooden boards. 

The Lights Committee will supply the boards. Community members will then paint a festive holiday scene on the board to mimic the front of a Christmas card. The boards will be available for pick up by October 15th and will need to be returned by November 15th.

Does this sound like a fun activity your family would enjoy? Would you like to have some of your personal artwork displayed for the community to see?
If so, contact us at

608-344-0947 or email to reserve your board today.


We ask that you be as original as you wish with your design. We hope this will be a fun activity that provides community spirit and a festive atmosphere. Contact us today to join in on the fun. We look forward to hearing from you.   

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